Application Form

An Acceptance Deposit of £200 is payable on acceptance of an offer. This deposit is returned when the child leaves the School, providing proper notice has been given as laid out in the Parent Contract. If a parent wishes to cancel acceptance of a place before a pupil enters the school, then a term’s written notice must be given in advance of the accepted date of entry to the school or pay a full term’s fees in lieu. The deposit is then not refundable. Please note that to withdraw a child at the end of Nursery, two terms written notice must be given (ie by the start of the Spring Term) if it is your intention that your child will not progress to Reception. A Confirmation Deposit paid for entry into the Nursery is not refundable if the child leaves before or at the end of Reception.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that the Terms and Conditions of the School will undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require and will apply in all our dealings with the School. 

For information about how we process the data submitted on this form, as well as other information we may collect and process about you and your child for the purposes of processing this application, please see the School’s Privacy Notice here