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Admissions Process

We are delighted that you are considering Stroud School for your child.

We are a close community where staff and parents support the school and make sure the children have a wealth of exciting events throughout the year. Each year we welcome families not just from all over the UK, but from all over the world and we love the diversity this brings to our community. Our children simply love to welcome new friends to Stroud, and we know that the happy memories remain with our children for life. Indeed, friends made at Stroud are friends for life, for children and parents alike.

Our Registrars will be delighted to guide you through our admissions process or answer any questions. They are contactable on 01794 528360, at registrar@stroud-kes.org.uk or complete the Enquiry Form.

Visit Us

Families are encouraged to come and visit us at either one of our many open events or for an individual tour.  You will have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Rebecca Smith, our Headmistress, and our Registrars, to discuss your child and learn more about the ethos and vision at Stroud. During the tour you will meet with some of our children and staff and start to get a feel for what makes Stroud such a special place to be. 

To reserve a place on one of our tours, please click here

For our overseas families, we would host an online meeting with you and we have a virtual tour for you to explore.

Apply for a Place

Applying for a place formally starts the admissions process.  Applications are made online and a non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable at this point.  By completing the application form, your child will be considered for a place within the relevant year group.  It is not a guarantee of a place being offered. 
We would strongly advise that you make an appointment to come and meet with Mrs Smith and our Registrars and have a tour of our school prior to any formal application being made.

Application Form

Come for a Taster Day

Once an application has been received, our Registrars will contact you to arrange for your child to come for a taster day.  A taster day is the perfect way to experience what a normal day in the life of a Stroud pupil is like. 

Pupils in Year 1 and Year 2, where places are available, will be informally assessed through observation by our teaching staff.  Pupils from Year 3 will sit an online assessment at the start of their day and then join their new friends to enjoy the rest of the day.

Children applying for a place in Reception will be invited to attend some of our Tiddler Sessions so our experienced Early Years team can assess their readiness to start school. 

Informal feedback will be given at the end of the day by the class teacher but our Registrar will contact you with the formal feedback once all the information relating to their day has been collated. 

Offer of Place

Before a place can be formally offered, with your permission, we contact your current school to request a school reference for your child.  That, together with a copy of their most recent school report and the outcome of their taster day, is all taken into consideration prior to a place being offered. 

Once a place is offered, the acceptance paperwork and a deposit of £200 is then required to secure the place.  The deposit is confirmation that their place has been reserved. This deposit is then returned when your child leaves the school, providing the correct notice period has been received as set out in the Parent Contract that forms part of the offer. Please note that any acceptance deposit paid to confirm entry of a child to our Nursery is not refundable if the child leaves before or at the end of Reception. 

Entry Points

The main points of entry to Stroud are at 4+ and 7+.  There may be occasional in-year vacancies to other year groups and our Registrar can provide you with further information should this be required. 

4+ Entry

We understand completely how daunting the prospect of finding the right school for your little one can be and we aim to make the process as comfortable as possible.  We hold a weekly Tiddlers afternoon during term time for families to come along with their children so they can familiarise themselves with their potential new setting. 

In addition, for those children who have applied for a place via our website, we hold observation sessions in early January and again in February where the children are invited in for our expert Early Years teachers to assess the readiness of each child to start school. We will look at the age and stage areas of development, ie speech and language development, cognitive and social skills etc.  This allows us to have early conversations with parents of children who may need early support.

Once a place has been offered and accepted, the children joining our Reception class in September will be invited to three settling sessions at the end of the Summer Term; two accompanied and one unaccompanied to help with transition. 

7+ Entry

For Year 3, children entering the School will undertake an online assessment at the start of their taster day.

Heads Recommendation: Entry to King Edward VI School at 11+

At 11+ pupils can receive a Head’s Recommendation to King Edward's, which gives them an automatic entry without having to sit the entrance exam in January.  Pupils who do not receive a Head’s Recommendation are required to take the entrance exam alongside external candidates. 

At Stroud the priority is always to find the best fit for your child and we pride ourselves on working with parents, from Year 5, to find that best fit for their future school.


Celebrating individuals

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Mrs Blakemore

Early Years parent

I recommend Stroud to people all the time! I love it here.

Mrs Blow

Early Years Parent

The Early Years staff were fantastic at integrating my daughter into the group and helping her find her feet.



She loves each day at nursery and is thriving due to the creative, caring and happy environment.

Mrs Mason-Campbell

Deputy Head, Academic

I love teaching. The great joy of being a teacher is being able to live vicariously through the achievements, experiences, and dreams of the pupils.

Mr Davies

Current Parent at Stroud

Stroud has delivered in spades, I have been so impressed with the care, joy and energy that the teachers share on a daily basis – it truly is a special place.


Year 6 Leaver

When I joined I was worried, but I felt so welcome and settled in quickly.


Year 6 Leaver

I have been attending Stroud since Nursery and know the school inside out. I have loved this school since the day I walked in.


Old Headboy, Year 8 Leaver

I remember my first day in Year 2. I was extremely nervous. However, everyone was very kind and welcoming to me.
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