Mrs Blow

Early Years Parent

When our daughter first came to Stroud she was quite a nervous little girl and had never been to a nursery setting so it was quite new to her. The Early Years staff were fantastic at integrating her into the group. They were really good at helping her find her feet, and each morning she would choose a couple of things to try, and that helped her build her confidence.

The class sizes make Stroud so special; she gets so much personalised attention. She knows her class teacher and her teaching assistants so well, and they really can give her dedicated time to help her improve in certain areas. This is what makes Stroud such a special place.

Our daughter has really enjoyed taking part in the shows and nativities. She used to shy away from attention, but she now happily gets involved, proudly learning her lines off by heart. She has been a snowflake and a lamb! It has been amazing watching her gradually come out of her shell.

I would recommend Stroud Nursery for a number of reasons. But one that stands out for me is that, unlike at nurseries, children in Nursery have great links with the teachers and they start learning early phonics and maths, and these subjects are integrated into their daily activities. From an early age, the teachers have that expertise to get the children on the right path to their actual education.

My daughter loves Stroud because she can be herself, she can be creative, and she gets the opportunity to do the things she loves doing. I just love her going to school every day being happy.